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Raw Blueberry Cake

Icon ZutatenIngredients

Cake Base⁠:⁠
-100g blanched almonds⁠
-75g dried cranberries⁠
-1TL Super Greens⁠

-100g cashews, soaked in water⁠
-70g almond butter⁠
-1 tbsp agave syrup⁠
-1 lime, juice⁠
-4 tsp Super Greens
-Some vanilla powder⁠
-100g frozen blueberries⁠
⁠-A pinch of locust bean gum⁠

Icon ZubereitungMethod

⁠Cake base: Mix in a blender, then spread it in a springform pan. Take a spoon and press it hard until a stable base is created.⁠

Cream: Mix all ingredients in a blender until it gets creamy. Put the cream on the bottom in the springform pan, smooth it out and e.g. Top with almonds, cocoa nibs and pine nuts. It is best to put the springform pan in the refrigerator overnight so that the cream sets nicely. ⁠