Name: Andreas Straßner
Date of birth: 23.3.1979
Type of sport: Runner

Andreas, from Düsseldorf, is the running enthusiast in our team. The 37-year old marathon fan relies on the full strength of our vegan superfoods. His absolute favourites are the High Proteins in Chocolate and Vanilla! Which makes him optimally equipped for new challenges.

What are your greatest athletic achievements?

  • 5th place Cross DM
  • 3rd place half marathon DM
  • 3rd place marathon DM

Which athletic goals would you still like to attain?

I’d like to qualify for the European Championship 2018 in Berlin with a good fall marathon.

What do you like best about PURYA!?

The fact that these organic products are manufactured in Germany.

What are your favourite PURYA! products?

  • High Protein Shake Vanilla & Choco
  • The sprouts
  • Bars

When and how do you consume PURYA!?

For fast regeneration after training and the bars as a snack.

What makes you happy?

Whenever I improve myself, and attain my goals.