Name: Alexander Stertzik
Date of birth: 06.08.1981
Type of sport: Stand Up Paddling

What are your greatest athletic achievements?

Vice German Champion 2015 and participation in Ironman on Bora Bora.

Which athletic goals would you still like to attain?

World Cup 2017 in September in Denmark.

What do you like best about PURYA!?

The fact that they’re high quality vegan and raw products that taste great.

What are your favourite PURYA! products?

High Protein Shake-Vanilla.

When do you consume PURYA! products?

Super Sprouts for breakfast and proteins as shakes after training and before competitions.

What makes you happy?

Lots of things make me happy, even small things. I enjoy training and the competitions as much as I enjoy laidback paddling with friends.

How can someone make you happy?

A spontaneous breakfast, chocolate cake

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