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Choco Protein Pancakes

Icon ZutatenIngredients

-120g spelled flour⁠
-1 ½ tsp baking powder Back
-3 tbsp cocoa powder⁠
-1 mashed banana⁠
-200ml soy milk⁠
-2TL coconut oil⁠
-1 teaspoon agave syrup⁠
-2 tbsp PURYA Protein Drink Cocoa Carob⁠

PURYA High Protein Shake Cocoa

Icon ZubereitungMethod

Mix the flour, cocoa powder, protein powder, and baking powder in a bowl. Mix the mashed banana, milk, coconut oil and agave syrup and then fold in the flour mixture. ⁠Heat some oil in a pan and fry the pancakes in it. ⁠ It is best to top the still warm pancakes with a little peanut butter and blueberries – depending on your taste, you can also use other fruits of course :).