A healthy and balanced diet is especially relevant for active people. To ensure that you do not lack anything, we have developed organic plant-based proteins, superfoods and sprouts to accompany you on your adventures, that help you to meet every challenge and attain new best performances. In this way, we orientate ourselves to the needs of our times – for greater quality of life and in harmony with nature. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to feel the difference!

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Your muscles are under a lot of stress. In order to regenerate and build strong, new muscle your body needs high quality protein. Our plant-based proteins and protein bars provide the perfect source of natural protein – in largely raw food quality. Thus, you ensure that your body is supplied with sufficient material for increasing muscle mass.

Whether before or after your workout, our proteins are not just good for you, they also taste fantastic!


You love being in the great outdoors? Whether you enjoy hiking through hill and dell or conquering an urban jungle, we have the right power snack for your adventure. Our protein bars come in three exciting flavours and fit in every pocket. You’ll never be out of breath thanks to the natural ingredients, high quality plant-based protein and an extra serving of super sprouts,


Yoga strengthens body and mind. Of course, a balanced diet also plays an important role. It offers your body valuable nutrients, provides new energy and lets your mind be clear and calm. Which is why we, together with nutrition experts, have developed a detox mix that incorporates the natural power of psyllium husks and sprouted flaxseed. The perfect combination of plant-based raw ingredients is satiating without being heavy, while stimulating digestion. Which keeps your mind free for the important things.

Mountain biking

The higher the quality of the food you consume, the better and faster your body can regenerate after strenuous challenges. Makes sense, doesn’t it? We think so too! Which is why we have developed plant-based proteins that meet the highest standards. With a protein content of up to 76% and natural ingredients from certified organic farms we have fulfilled our objective and support top athletes, such as mountain bike professional, Lena Putz, and the men from FC Ingolstadt with their strenuous training sessions.

Vegan High Protein from PURYA! – in a class of its own.

Winter sport

Aiming high requires the right equipment – and one shouldn’t set out on an empty stomach! We have the perfect solution: A myriad of sweet and savoury dishes can be created from our proteins, superfoods, and super sprouts that not only taste good, but also fulfil an important function. Create a satiating breakfast with our organic chia seeds that provides long-lasting energy. Find the recipe here!